Youth hostel Bredene-Ostend



Reception is open from 8am until 8pm (tourist information, stamps, postcards, etc.)

Refectories and meals

Breakfast, lunch and dinner schedules will be provided on arrival.
We kindly ask you to respect the times given in the schedules. In case of any unforeseen delay you can always contact us on 0032 59 323 628 (reception desk).
  • Please inform us of any dietary requirements including vegetarian, medical or religious diets at least 2 weeks prior to your visit (extra supplement for vegetarian meal = €1,5/meal)
  • Picnics have to be ordered 1 week prior to your visit
  • Meals are served in self-service style
  • Taking food outside the dining-area is not allowed.
  • Per person per meal we serve a minimum of 150 grams of meat
  • Vegetables, potatoes can be served twice.
  • In the refectory we provide water, please ensure that there is no waste.
  • Sugar, salt and pepper are available in the kitchen
  • Ordered snacks (tea-time) can be collected after lunch
  • Dessert is served once a day, usually after dinner
Clearing the tables:

1. Preparation at the table by the students:
  1. sort cutlery separately on required place and put in same direction
  2. all food waste to be collected on a plate, ATTENTION no napkins
  3. stack empty plates
  4. glasses and cups stacked per 2 or 3
2. Put on cart:
  1. all food wasts (edible for chickens) in the stainless steel bowl
  2. all napkins in the black garbage can
  3. separate cutlery and put in same direction in blue plastic basket
  4. Glasses and cups to be put on top of cart, 3 per stack
  5. All empty plates on 2nd shelf
3. After clearing:
  1. after clearing clean the tables with a rag
  2. when all tables are clean dessert is served
No cutlery, plates or glasses are to be taken outside the refectories.

The 5th meal (only for schools) is to be taken after the evening meal. The next morning at breakfast all plates are to be returned to the kitchen.

Vending machine with Coca Cola products: €1,50/bottle (= 0,5 litres).

Refectories can be used for any activity but have to be restored to their original setting.


Smoking is prohibited in all buildings, cigarette butts to be put in the metal cans in the yard.


Computers are available in all the refectories with internet, available from 8am until 8pm. Boot the computer, and logon automatically without password to our homepage. Please shut down after use.


  • On the day of arrival rooms are available at 2pm. Early arrivals will have space available for luggage.
  • On the day of departure we ask you to clear all rooms before 10am. Room for luggage is available.
  • Rooms have 4, 6 or 8 beds, all sleeping places must be optimized.
  • All furniture must stay in place and should not be moved under any circumstance.
  • 1 pillow per bed is provided.  Sheets, sleeping bag have to be brought along by the visitors
  • OR a set can be hired (1 sheet, 1 cover, 1 pillowcase, €15,00/set/journey)
  • Adults should accompany children at all times. Children are not to be left unattended in their rooms, playground, or halls.
  • Should you wish to lock up certain rooms or your building, keys are available at the reception.
  • Please do not clean shells in the sinks, this will cause a blockage of the pipes. Rinse shells in a bucket of water!
  • If a child has wet the mattress, blanket or pillow, please do not hesitate to contact reception so they can be changed/cleaned (free mattress-protection available). Pyjamas and sleeping bags can be washed (€5,00 per laundry).
  • The ceiling in the bedrooms should not be pushed up. (STERN/ALK)
  • Make sure windows are closed (heating!) and all lights are turned out when you leave a room. THINK OF OUR ENVIRONMENT!!!
  • On the day of departure please ensure 1 pillow per bed. NO pillows, mattresses or blankets should be placed on the floor or be taken from the room.
  • Should we find that mattresses, blankets or pillows are left on the floor or are taken outside we will charge cleaning costs immediately: pillow = €5,00; mattress = €15,00; blanket = €15,00).

The complex/centre is only accessible for registered persons, we do not accept non-notified visitors. We should always be aware of the identity of the persons present in the complex/centre.


In each entrance, in case of fire, you can find safety measures that should be followed. Make sure all teachers, tutors and children are aware of these measures.
It is also essential that your team knows were all emergency exits (indicated by icons), fire extinguishers, fire ladders and alarm signals can be found.
Make sure that emergency exits are never obstructed.
In case of emergency, assembly is in the central courtyard opposite the reception.


Football can be played on the big lawn, goals are there!
Football cannot be played on the central courtyard, this is to prevent our windows.
Basketball can be played on the court opposite 'De Strandloper'.
Beach volleyball can be played on the court next to De Kokmeeuw.


Football is not permitted indoors.
Sheets of paper and posters to be put on designated boards. NOT with duct tape!!!
After use please clean tables and chairs with water and put back into their original state.


All sanitary is cleaned on a daily basis with a disinfectant by our staff.


TV, video, DVD available in the refectories, remote controls are available at reception.


Reception is open from 8am until 8pm. In case of emergency after 8pm, you can always reach us: +32 (0)59 / 32 36 28


Dr. Maes (Prins Karellaan 12 – 8450 BREDENE) tel. 0032 59 32 42 05
Outside office hours you can reach the doctor on duty at 0032 59 70 97 98.


Your presence stay at Horizon confirms your agreement to these terms and conditions.

We hope you have a pleasant stay!
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